Chocolate ice cream is the most consumed ice cream taste in the world, an immortal icon in the art of making ice cream .

All the people love ice cream from the youngest to the elder, especially the women ! .

In this recipe we will use only natural products realized for Ethos Nature from experts artisanal in italy .

For realize this ice cream you’ll need an ice cream machine, also for home using because ice cream need the righ instruments .

The quantity for 1 kg of product are :

100 g cream, 120 g sugar, 70 g dextrose, 40 g powder milk, 4-5 g of neutral milk base, 1 g salt, and enough milk for arrive at 1 kg in total .

Mix all the ingredients in powder and then while you mix add slowly the milk until the composte became uniform .

When it became uniform you can put it into the ice cream machine, and when is freezed enough take i out and put it inside a fridge fo a while, but if you can’t resist to eat it don’t worry, the fresh ice cream it’s one of the best things in the world .

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