The first whiskey cocktail appears in the jerry thomas book in 1862 “Bartender’s guide”, while it becomes officially called Old Fashioned when is mentioned for the first time by Chicago Daily Tribune in 1880, today is one of the pillar of cocktail IBA from 1961.

Today we remake this cocktail icon with an unusual ingredient .

A classic cocktail enhanced with Tobacco sirup Toschi, an aroma out of every pattern, that exalt perfectly it’s character .

First of all for make it you need an old fashioned glass, 45 ml of bourbon or rye whiskey, 2 drops of angostura bitter, 15 ml of tobacco Toschi, mineral water, orange twist and a Toschi sour cherry .

Drop the angostura and the tobacco sirup, add the mineral water for uniform the liquid, add the whiskey and the ice cubes then stir the composte . Filter it in a cold glass full of ice, sprinkle the orange twist and decorate all with the Toschi sour cherry .

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